Global Sevilla uses the International curriculum as their primary source to have a better education. The curriculum has a significant advantage as it is well-recognized and accepted worldwide. Besides, the Cambridge curriculum-based school students are known to be intelligent, resilient, and compassionate. Thus, here is an explanation of the benefits of the Cambridge School Jakarta Curriculum.


Three Benefits of Cambridge International Curriculum as a Primary System

Camrbdige School

  1. Learners Are Encourage to be More Intelligent

An education that uses the Cambridge Curriculum as the standard gives students the skills they need for life to achieve at school and the next stage of their life. International Curriculum can challenge students to have a broad knowledge to get the best education. As the benefits of this curriculum, students have set a global standard for education and are recognized by universities along with employers worldwide.


  1. Both Learner and Teacher are Equipped for New Future Challenges

The curriculum provided by Cambridge school Jakarta faces new challenges and meet them resourcefully, creatively, and innovatively. Students are expected to be capable of applying their knowledge and understanding to solve a new problem. The students can develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. They also achieve the essential skills for successful at university and in their next step of future careers.

That’s why they can adapt flexibly to new challenging situations requiring new ways of thinking. Meanwhile, teachers can experiment with new ideas for enquiring approach in their teaching. They are open to new challenges and being resourceful for students. The teacher will always ready to apply new skills and techniques in the learning process as well as have knowledge of the broader community.


  1. Shaping Learner to be More Compassionate

Cambridge School Jakarta curriculum can shape the learners’ confidence to take intellectual risks since they have a wide range of programs. With that in mind, they are keen to explore and evaluate ideas critically with analytically as well as the respect of others’ opinions. Thus, wise and confident learners can show compassion with empathy, not only in cognitive skills. They also can understand the world from some else point of view.

In conclusion, Global Sevilla ( ) offers an excellent curriculum with an International level in order to make a new challenge for students. With a great system, students and teachers have the opportunity to be more flexible. Also, they can adapt to the new challenging situations that need new ways of thinking without compromising other’s opinions. Therefore, students tend to be more compassionate to gain a successful future.