Interactive activities and engaging materials are the heart of teaching young learners. That is why many preschool Jakarta Barat use toys and fun classrooms. But is it enough? Supposedly it needs a clear focus and goal of doing so. The good news is Global Sevilla present a range of activities with the help of the IEYC curriculum. What are they? You can see it here.

Engaging Activities For 1.5 – 4 y.o Student Preschool Jakarta Barat

Some Activities For Young Learner

  1. Purposeful Play

Purposeful play is one of the methods that help to tailor a fun and educating play. In this kind of activity, the teacher can do many approaches to make students enjoy the classroom.  The best example is reciting and understanding nurseries or rhymes. The students can work with their skills or perform in front of the class to develop self-awareness and confidence.

  1. Sensory Fun

The sensory fun activities brought students to experience many things. The idea is to engage students to do some actions and learning from them. The preschool Jakarta Barat highlights learning by doing. The focus can encourage them to knowledge about the world. Doing so will also improve their motor, social, emotional, creativity skill, and many more.

  1. Fundamental Knowledge

The fundamental knowledge focus is designed to help to create the best suitable activities for the toddler class. At the age of 1.5 – 2 y.o learner has limited ability to learn complex input. Thus, fun classroom activities are meant to introduce some knowledge such as color, shapes, numbers, and many more.

  1. Motor Activities

As one of the six areas of learning and development, motor development will be one of the programs to pay attention to. Young learner motor development is the focus. That is why most of the activities will demand a student to act and make move. The implementation is pretty vast. It can include outdoor exercise, music classes, or games.

  1. Games

Young learners are curious yet creative beings. The preschool Jakarta Barat highlights the function of games, such as a puzzle, brick building, or education tournaments for students’ skill improvement. Some games are meant to elevate problem-solving and logical thinking. Some also need motor, numeracy, knowledge understanding, and communication skills.

With the help of the IEYC curriculum, global Sevilla can make study fun and meaningful. The IEYC helps to create more focused and goal-oriented activities, such as sensory fun, games, or fundamental knowledge material. It focuses on six areas of development and learning. So, each activity highlights the sense of learning by fun doing.